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When uploading documents for submission, please note that individual document size limit has been increased to 20 MB. Multiple documents can be included in a single submission. The size limit for an entire submission has been increased to 100 MB.
Administrative Order 2015-08 regarding mandatory electronic filing beginning January 1, 2016.
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Global Case View
The Second Judicial District Court is pleased to announce that Global Case View (GCV) is now available using the eFlex system. GCV will allow registered electronic filers, with active accounts, to search and view public documents on ALL public cases.
In order to obtain this functionality, your account must be active. In addition to an active account, you will need you to fill out a new user agreement and electronically file it using the instructions below.
For Existing Active Accounts – Request Global Case View (GCV)
Step 1. Print out 'Efile User Agreement' (link below) and complete and sign the document. No payment is required for requesting GCV, only this updated user agreement.
Step 2. Scan the signed document in Step 1, and electronically file the agreement to case number 'RENEW-2016'. For this transaction, select the 'Others' document category along with document type: ‘$Efile Global Case View Request’.
What Happens Next? > Upon Clerk approval of the eFiled agreement, we will update your eFlex account to include Global Case View. The turnaround time is one to two business days. Link to User Agreement
Link to GCV Instructional Guide

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