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Electronic Filing for courts, attorneys, and government agencies.

New eFlex Enhancements include:
•New credit card processor - Filers must populate credit cards in profile.
•New 50 MB submission package limit - Individual PDF document remains at 6 MB.
•Case number only to eFile - Participant name no longer required.
•Can eFile Peremptory Challenge document now.
•Coming soon - eFile Demand for Jury and other Trust deposits.
New Filer Users Guide (PDF) rev. 01/17/2014

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We are pleased to announce that orders by Arbitrator's and Special Masters can now be e-filed. Please contact Julie Wise, Assistant Clerk of Court for more information (775)325-6623.

New Administrative Order regarding Matter of Computation of Time to Respond now posted at www.washoecourts.com.

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