My Profile Option  

My User Profile

When you register for an account you fill out your profile information. This information can be changed. Depending on whether the court allows the efiling system to update the courts records would determine how critical it is to update your profile. Some information cannot be updated by you once you register such as your Bar number or if you are a Pro Se your user identifier.

By clicking on the "Modify User Profile" button you can see what information can be modified. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Once edits are made, click the Submit button to update the information. Other users cannot see your profile information. The system administrator or your organization administrator can see your profile information except for financial information.

Change Password

You may change your password whenever you want. We recommend that your password be something that you can remember but is difficult for others to figure out. A good password has symbols, characters, and numbers. For example if my name were John Doe and my birthday were on January 22, 1965 you might create a password like $JD102265$.

View Login History

The Login History tracks your login failures in an effort to help monitor any unauthorized logn attempts.

If your account has too many login failures the system will automatically suspend your account so that someone does not gain unauthorized access. If this occurs you should call the System Administrator to reset your account. Changing your password on a regular basis is one way to help avoid unauthorized access to your account.