Navigating with Menus  

Most of the screens within eFlex have a menu bar near the top of the screen as shown hear. Each of the menu bars in this documentation are linked so that if you click on an item it will hyperlink you to information about that item.

On the far right of the menu bar you can see the name of the user that is logged in. This information comes from the My Profile menu option where the First Name and Last Name can be changed by the user. If the name displayed at that location is not what you want, you may change it through the MyProfile link.

The menu options allow you to move from one feature to another. If you are in the middle of creating a submission and you use the menu bar to move to another feature the information you entered as part of your submission will be saved to Draft.

Home is the default screen that is displayed when you log in. It has several of the menu options available as buttons. The home page provides buttons for the most frequent tasks.

eFile is the access point where you can create new submissions or check on the status of your submissions.

Cases is the access point where you can access information about the cases you are participating in electronically such as case history and notifications that come from other filers.

My Profile is the access point where you review or edit your Profile information or change your password.

Logout is link to logout. If you leave your web browser inactive for more than 20 minutes your session will be automatically logged out even though the screen is not updated. This is standard behavior for web applications.