The Log Out menu option will log you out of eFlex and terminate your session to the efiling server. Web sessions will terminated automatically if you do not have any activity on the web page that is communicating to the server. A session is considered active as long as you are interacting with the web server. For example if you do not click a submit button or change a screen within 20 minutes the session will time out and in effect log you off the system without changing your screen. You may think you are still connected properly but as soon as you push a button that will change the screen you will be asked to log in. When you are typing in a text field this is not an activity the web server uses to check your activity. Typing does not usually send a signal to the server.

Each time you log out properly if there are draft filings stored for your account you will receive a message that tells you that you have draft filings and asks if you want to log out. This allows you to go clean up items that you no longer need.