Getting Started?  

Who can efile?

Anyone can efile if they have an account. If you are an attorney licensed in the State of Nevada you can request an account as an attorney. If you are not a licensed attorney in the State of Nevada you can still get an account. You will be registered as someone that represents themself. This is known as a Pro Se filer. There are other types of parties such as Pro Hac or interested parties but currently you cannot register under these roles.

Does it cost to efile?

There is a cost associated with registration. The court has established a fee that is paid directly to the court to help offset the cost of maintaining the technology used to support the efiling system. The cost is $100 per year. To pay this fee contact Cindy Fladager or Craig Franden at 775.328.3430. Once you have registered there is no additional efiling fee, however the standard court fees are still applicable. Here is a link to review those fees.

How do I get an account?

Go to the Washoe 2nd District Judicial web site at and look for the link to register for efiling. This link will take you to the efiling login screen.

On the login screen page you will see the instructions "If you have not signed in before, please request a user account.". Click on the button that looks like this.  . This will take you through a series of screens that will ask you questions. The first screen will ask you to review the Terms of Usage agreement established by the court. To continue you must agree with the agreement then presss the Next button.

After you have agreed to the terms of usage, you will be asked to identify what company you are associated with. Each user is associated with an organization. For example, if you are an attorney and you belong to a law firm you would select the name of that law firm if it already exists in the list. The pull-down option contains the organizations currently registered in eFlex. If your organization is not listed click the second radio button and type in your law firm's name and then click Submit.

The next screen has several questions to fill out. An asterisk next to a field indicates that the information for that field is required. You choose your own username and password. Your username must be unique. If the username you enter is not unique when you submit your request you will be prompted to select a different username. Once all the information is completed, a request to approve your account will be given to the Administrator. As soon as the Administrator approves your account you will receive an email message at the email address you entered with your registration information.

How do I get training?  

For a training schedule please refer to the following website Many attorneys find that this system is not unlike other systems. You may find that reading the online documentation is enough information to get your work done.

What can I eFile?  

You can initiate several types of civil cases through the efiling system and efile follow-up filings on those case types. The District Attorney and Public defenders can also file follow-up filings on criminal cases. You should be able to file any follow-up filing on most civil case types.

Do I need to install any software?  

The efiling system is browser based. You do not need to install any special efiling software. You do need a computer that is connected to the web and has a browser installed. You can use Firefox from Mozilla, Internet Explorer from Microsoft, or any other browser that has been released in the last three years. It is anticipated that your computer will have a wordprocessor such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. You can even create your documents using WordPad, a free word processing tool that comes free with the Microsoft Windows operating system. It really does not matter what operating system you use. Some might use the Macintosh or Linux operating system. You just need to prepare your documents and then use the browser to submit your documents. You will create a PDF document and submit the PDF document.

What kind of internet access do I need?  

We recommend that you use a high speed internet connection. The system will work using modem dial-up but the challenge is that when you need to load large documents to the court modem connections are more likely to time-out or disconnect. Almost all internet connections have faster download speeds than upload speeds. That is because most people on the web are downloading information rather than uploading information. The upload speed can be 3 to 5 times slower than the download speed. If you are interested in checking your bandwidth speed you can do so at one of these links. These links are not supported by the court and are for your convienence only.