Cases Menu Option  

On the Menu bar the eFile option links you to the starting point of several different actions which include:

My Cases

When you initiated a new case or send in follow-up filing, even if it is just a notice of appearance the case number is added to your my cases list. From this list you can view the case history, and from the case history you can click on a link to any of the documents that are listed in the case history.


Once you have participated electronically on a case, the case number is stored in a database and your username is associated with that case. When someone else sends a follow-up submission on any case that your username is associated with you will receive a notification for the submission. A list of notifications will be displayed. By clicking on the link in the notificaiton you can see the details of the submission which include links to the documents that were submitted. You should download those documents for your own records. Receiving a notification does not mean the clerk will accept the submission. If there is something wrong with the submission the clerk can still reject the information but it does give you a warning regarding the intent of another party on the case.

An icon of a letter that has not been opened will appear on the notifications that you have not clicked on to review. Once you click on the notification the icon will change to an opened envelope suggesting that you have at leasted clicked on the notification to view it. You can delete the notifications from your list after you have reviewed the information.

Notifications are not perminent. They are deleted after a certain period of time. How long before they are deleted is determined by the court. Some courts leave the notifications for 30 days while others leave them for 90 days. You should check your notifications as often.

Filing Charges

Some documents that you file require you pay court fees. The final step before you submit anything to the court is to review the data and documents in your submissions. If one of the documents you included triggers a charge you will be asked for payment information. Then when payments are made eFlex records the payments and keeps track of payment information for the last twelve months. If you paid something directly to the court those payments will not show up in eFlex. From the Filing Charges screen you can put in a month and eFlex will return information about each payment made during that month including the case number, case title, method of payment, and the amount.